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    Lifelink Cable Grey - USB-C to USB - Wallet Fit Portable Cable

    The most portable charging cable - designed for ultimate convenience and peace of mind.  This small gadget easily fits into your wallet / purse or onto a keyring so you don't have to panic next time you're low on power.  This Patented Australian Design is one of a kind.  With both charge and sync functions, you will never again be without a cable.  LifeLink works just like your regular cable - but it’s always with you.

    • Only 2 credit cards thick. Store in wallet / Clip onto a keyring.
    • USB-C Charge and Sync Cable. 2.4 Amp fast charging speed for your Android device
    • Stay charged anywhere ON the GO - plug it into a TV, laptop, on a fight, in a car - FITS ALL USB PORTS.
    • High-quality strength Teflon cable for tough and durable use.
    • Intuitive link design for added length & compact storage.
    • Unique perforated flexible flat body designed to easily slip into any Card slot.
    • Robust metal spring over the cable for safe and durable storage onto a keyring.
    • Leave your standard messy cables at home and slip LifeLink in your card slot for when you need it most. Charges at the same rate as your standard cable, 2.4 Amps.
    • Compatible with all USB-C devices.
    • 12-month warranty.