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    Lifelink Cable Grey - Micro to USB - Wallet Fit Portable Cable

    The most portable charging cable - designed for ultimate convenience and peace of mind. This small gadget easily fits into your wallet/purse or onto a keyring so you don't have to panic next time you're low on power. A Patented Australian Design, is one of a kind, With both charge and sync functions, you will never again be without a cable.  LifeLink works just like your regular cable - but it’s always with you.

    • Only 2 credit cards thick. Store in wallet / Clip onto a keyring.
    • Micro to USB Charge & Sync Cable. 
    • 2.4 Amp fast charging speed.
    • Stay charged anywhere ON the GO - plug it into a TV, laptop, on a fight, in a car - FITS ALL USB PORTS.
    • High-quality strength Teflon cable for tough and durable use.
    • Intuitive link design for added length & compact storage.
    • Unique perforated flexible flat body designed to easily slip into any Card slot.
    • Robust metal spring over the cable for safe and durable storage onto a keyring.
    • Leave your standard messy cables at home and slip LifeLink in your card slot for when you need it most. 
    • 12-month warranty.