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    Wireless Charging Wallet

    your essentials for all occasions 


    stay charged - stay connected - stay tuned.

    Xtag Wallet makes everything simple, from keeping your cards handy in a small taggable wallet to extra power for your iPhone & Airpods so you go farther on your next adventure.  Charging with Xtag couldn't be easier, just place your device over xtag to start wireless charging, freeing you of cables and ports. Seamless and stylish. 

    Xtag built-in power unit is smart, compact, light weight, credit card safe and powerful powering iPhones up to 70%.

    Re-charging Xtag is also easy - Xtag starts to re-charge over any wireless charger, no more charging plugs keeps Xtag stylish and discrete.

    Patented Australia Design


    Always on you