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    Xpad is the cornerstone where natural materials - technology - modern design meet. Xpad leads tech with the highest natural material content, that's up to 80% less plastic used.

    Designed packed full of cutting-edge technology which makes it powerful and universally compatible, enabling you to

    charge any Qi-compatible wireless device (including Airpods 2) with your existing wall chargers (PD, QC or USB). With a power output of 5, 7.5 & 10 watts, it will charge your device at the fastest possible speeds. 

    – The future of wireless charging - Something totally unexpected

    Cutting edge technology

    xpads spacecraft material

    We tested dozens of materials and cork won every time - so we used it as part of the internal structure of all Xpad variants. Cork’s exceptional thermal insulation naturally reduces commonly experienced heat from wireless charging, making it a safer and cooler experience for your phone. No wonder cork commonly used in spacecrafts. 

    mother nature knows best

    Organic, natural materials helps you blend your charger into your own decor, and it’s better for the planet.  Timber, leather, cork -all familiar natural materials. We’ve applied nature to wireless charging through innovation to make the perfect blend of essential technology  for your eco-friendly lifestyle.  Conscious, responsible material choices. Charge in style: Mother Nature will thank you. 

    supercharged coaster

    Xpad makes everything easier! Just place your phone on Xpad and it starts charging immediately. And with Xpad’s early detection properties, it senses your phone even before you set it down, ensuring an early and fast connection. It’s like a supercharged coaster for your phone.